Basdia is the daughter of Zadiris and Vigaro. She was one of the elite warriors of former Ghoul village and currently is one of the elite warriors, strong enough to be picked by Vandalieu to clear The Trial of Zakkart


Basdia´s physical appearance is that of a beautiful woman in her late twenties. She has a muscular, 190 cm-tall body while having abundant, feminine curves. On Earth, she might have been a beautiful athlete or martial artist. There are red patterns running across her entire body like tattoos that Vandalieu thinks of as ‘cool’. Basdia also resembled Zadiris. Anyone seeing the two of them would think that they were sisters, born a long time apart. Anyone would assume that Zadiris was the younger sister, and Basdia the older one.

After becoming a Ghoul Amazoness Geronimo, the only change she experienced was the patterns of her tattoos on her skin changing a little.


Basdia has liked Vandalieu ever since she met him, and she has promised that he will be the father of her second child once he becomes an adult. She likes men who are the strong type, and her personality leads to her pursuing strength herself. Due to the special characteristic of the Ghouls that causes their physical appearance to become fixed when they first become pregnant, she had been troubled by her infertility, but thanks to Vandalieu, she successfully became pregnant and gave birth to a girl - Jadal.

She often brings up the topic of child-making with Vandalieu.The reason she brings up the topic is actually because she feels a risk that if she doesn’t do that, Vandalieu will start viewing her as an older-sister replacement rather than as a woman.

Basdia is loving mother to Jadal and she cares about her a lot. She also cares about her mother a lot.


Basdia has more physical ability than talent for magic, she focused onthat and became a Ghoul Warrior. Though this has caused her to receive the status effect of infertility, it has had no negative effect on her attribute values or skills.

As she is raising her daughter Jadal, she has stopped progressing and remains a Ghoul Amazoness. However, due to Vandalieu’s Mana boot-camp, her Mana has increased and she has acquired several magic-related skills.

Jadal has been weaned, so Basdia has started learning how to cook recently. Her current specialty dishes are roasted meat and roasted skewered meat.

Her ability is above that of an average C-class adventurer, but below that of a B-class adventurer.


  • Basdia is curretly the only person, whom Vandalieu can win against in shogi.
  • Due to getting pregnant quite ´late´ she looks like elder sister of her mother - Zadiris.