Darcia is a young beautiful Dark Elf, and the mother of main protagonist, Vandalieu.




Darcia is former a female adventurer. She met Valen by coincidence, while she was completing a request and fell in love with him. Valen was also charmed by her, and the two of them wed. In other words, she has a soft personality.

Darcia possessed D-class ability as an adventurer, using spiritual magic and archery as her weapons.

After she became a spirit, perhaps because she had been burned at the stake or perhaps simply as a policy for raising her child, she stopped Vandalieu from using fire for a while. However, other than that, Vandalieu is mostly free to do as he likes.

Darcia is under the influence of his Death-Attribute Charm, but as Vandalieu doesn’t disobey her, her personality is mostly as it was in life. In other words, she is also soft on her son.

At first, she tried to move onto the next world for her son’s sake, but now she has no desire of doing so and hints at Vandalieu from time to time to make her an Undead, which he strongly refuses by saying that he will resurrect her.


After Vandalieu clears the Trial of Zakkart and meets with Gufadgarn, Darcia's resurrections begins.

Darcia's spirit / soul stays in the 'Root of Life' for 10 months along with various parts for a new body including an Orichalcum skeleton, monster organs and the Demon Eye of Destruction.

While in the Root of Life she her soul will go through training and she is receiving direct training from heroic spirits that left their names in myths and legends in Vida’s Divine Realm