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"No one escapes my sights!"
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The Remnants of the Demon King's Army followed Demon King Guduranis from the Demon King World in his rampage to control the world. The other two factions, Alda's Faction and Vida's Faction both see this faction as an eyesore.

The Evil Gods who are still part of this faction do not care about the upkeep of the world, nor using their divinity for good. They tend to use all of their power whenever it pleases them.

These Evil Gods who lead many astray are considered a scourge in the world.

Known Evil Gods

It is unknown of the ranking of all the Evil Gods, from the time of the Demon King. The remaining of his army and Evil Gods cultivated their factions of followers from corruption, liberation promises, gifting power, manipulation and using their own power as Gods with their affiliate like Hihiryushukaka, the Evil God of Joyful Life, who was able to sway Pure-breed Vampires to become loyal to him. In Ravovifard's case, his methods were different, where his power only released inner desires so the powers they possess greatly affect one standing among the remaining.


  • Barurushapeh, the Evil God of Foreign Writings.
  • Langleboza, the Evil Horned Cow God.(Chose to slumber over fighting van )
  • Tubereese, the Evil God of Wicked Blood.(Chose to slumber over fighting van )


  • Gupyaresla, the Evil God of Demon Castles.
  • Bododo, the Evil Beasy King of the Wild Boar.
  • Zobuberogia, the Evil God of Ruinous Greed.
  • Guidragdora, the Evil God of Mad Slaughter.
  • Basvaluru, the Evil God of the Rain.
  • Byazekubyokto, the Evil God of Light.
  • Dobopezepalo, the Evil God of Cursed Poison.
  • Vejo Gouache, the Evil God of Distortion.
  • Parafalpa, the Evil God of Corrosion
  • Subavoro, the Evil God of the Eternal Blade
  • Pyaopoguk, The Evil God of All Faces


Not Originally Evil Gods:

  • Luvesfol, the Raging Evil Dragon God (Low God of Lizardmen).
  • Bododo, the Boar Beast-King.

Defeated in Battle With Champions:

  • Evil God of Sinful Chains.


  • Lugornoke, The Evil God of Sleep Death.


  • Fidirg, the Dragon God of Five Sins - Lowest.
  • Merrebeveil, the Evil God of Slime and Tentacles.
  • Gufadgarn, the Evil God of Labyrinths - Lowest.
  • Jurizanapipe/Lissana, the Evil God of Degeneration and Intoxication.
  • Mububujenge, the Evil God of Degenerate Corpulence.
  • Zanalpadna, the fused Evil God of Carapaces and Compound Eyes.
    • Zanal, the Evil God of Carapaces.
    • Padna, the Evil God of Compound Eyes.
  • Jubadi, the Evil God of Venom and Scales.
  • Zozogante, the Evil God of the Dark Forest.
  • Maggazerei, the Evil God of the Phantom Sky
  • Gudjejuz, the Evil God of All Eyes
  • Bogo Arbozo

Known created monsters Races

Supporting Nations or Organizations and Races

  • Tends to only be small settlements, as most Evil Gods are not that powerful compared to Vida and Alda.
  • Organizations and communities of Criminal Group.
  • Tempting powerful individuals or small willing individuals with power.

Evil gods Remanent Faction

The exact number of factions among the evil gods That has other Pure-breeds Is currently unknown What is known was one of the strongest was Hihiryushukaka's Faction

Obviously the factions would greatly depend on the power of the individual Evil God Ability to sway others As well as those in its Faction leadership to control its followers


  • At some point in time, a nation that had been controlled from the shadows by vampires connected to an evil god was destroyed by the Dhampir mercenary Veld. This may actually be the reason why the evil gods and vampires push to kill Dhampirs as children or before they are born.
  • The level of influence when possesses with swing and pull string between individuals evil gods As a whole they’re not united Since cooperation does not seem to be possible between individual less threatened as a whole by a stronger being