as one of the Amid Empire’s generals Mauvid had presented proof of the existence of tunnel and an ancient document that detailed its location.

A general of the Amid Empire. He is a member of the army, but he is the political kind, so he possesses almost no individual fighting strength.

He has gained many benefits through his dealings with the Pure-breed Vampire Ternecia. He tried to maximize his glory through this expedition, but met a cruel end.

In the Amid Empire, the Mauvid family of earls has been crushed and Rangil’s eldest son and heir has been murdered and covered up as a suicide. His other children have fallen into tragic circumstances as well.

The more Viscount Balchesse’s reputation increases, the more Mauvid’s name becomes synonymous with ‘corrupt nobleman’ in the Mirg shield-nation.

Chezare tried working his spirit hard in Talosheim, but he was deemed to be useless after all and turned into one of the Golems making up the city’s walls.