Written by Luciliano

A race of half-human, half-snake women born to Vida, the goddess of life and love, and Jubadi, the evil god of venom and scales.

They have lifespans of approximately five hundred years, and although they usually lay one egg at a time, they can lay up to three in one birthing. After birth, the snake portion of their bodies continuously sheds up until maturity, which happens at the age of about twenty.

Their base Rank is 3 and they are well-versed in all kinds of magic. They are a race with exceptionally high Vitality, so as adventurers, they would likely form robust rear guards.

Features such as the color of their scales can vary as much as their Skills; they are so diverse that it is difficult to believe that those with venomous fangs, those with high regenerative abilities and those with armor-like scales are all members of the same race.

At first glance, they appear to be beautiful, cheerful women who enjoy singing and dancing, but apparently, they become strongly attached to people, not wanting to be separate from those they love.

These qualities are exaggerated in human society; there are many stories such as one where a Lamia kills the man she loves when he tries to escape from her, and another where a Lamia kills the fiancée of the man she has a one-sided love for. In the Boundary Mountain Range… Though Lamia do not murder for love, they apparently use extreme methods to win over men they love, even if the men already have other women in their lives.

It seems that the most common method they use is to win over the man’s fiancée to approach him two-on-one.

Incidentally, as a race, they are weak drinkers. When they drink, they quickly become intoxicated and fall asleep.

One might think that they are also weak to the cold because they possess the lower bodies of snakes, but surprisingly, they experience no problems in cold weather. It is thought that this is because the father of the race was not the snake beast-king, but an evil god that resembles snakes.

It seems that in the Lamia nation, the champion Hillwillow left records of a legendary Lamia, the Yamata-no-Orochi. Like those striving to become bushi and ninja in other nations, Lamia strive to become Yamata-no-Orochi.

Though from what I have heard from Master, the Yamata-no-Orochi is not a Lamia…