Luvesfol the Raging Evil Dragon God who ran a way after the Scaled King's defeat in fear of Vandalieu.


Luvesfol, the Raging Evil Dragon God, had originally been a subordinate of Marduke, the Dragon Emperor God, one of the original eleven gods. But when Marduke was destroyed by the Demon King Guduranis, Luvesfol had sworn loyalty to the Demon King out of a desire to live.


He had Sealed Fidirg and stole the Lizardman worship for himself give his divine protection to a Earth Dragon Scaled King to act as his priest. 

During the Scaled King's battle against Vandalieu and his party, Luvesfol sent a spirit clone to aid the Scaled King only for it to be destroyed by Vandalieu. Feeling the pain of having his spirit clone destroyed and fearing his complete destruction, he decided to flee to the dark continent. But Luvesfol could not flee through the divine realm directly as other gods and their territory were in the way, so he manifested himself in a physical body which weakened his divine powers. While in a physical form, he was captured by Schneider's party and forced to aid them in their quest to find Zantark in the Dark Continent.