Machida Aran was one of the Bravers, Code Named: Laplace’s Demon. He is currently one of Rodcorte's Familiar Spirits.



Ever since he lived on Earth, he has been a smooth talker with a light-hearted personality. But after being reincarnated in Origin, he and the other Bravers have formed strong bonds as companions who can talk to each other about their memories on Earth.[1]




It had been Aran’s Laplace’s Demon and Izumi’s Inspection that had allowed the capture of the Metamorph, Shihouin Mari.[2]

He is one of the reincarnated individuals killed by an explosion caused by Murakami, who betrayed the Bravers in Origin.[1]


After his death, Rodcorte told him and Shimada Izumi the truth regarding Amamiya Hiroto, and he wants to avoid a conflict between Hiroto and his companions of the Bravers. For this reason, he has ascended to become Rodcorte’s Familiar Spirit.[2]

As of recently he had become accustomed to being a Familiar Spirit, but he is agitated by the fact that he cannot do anything but watch events unfold in Origin.[1]

After Rodcorte's failed attempt of detaching the circle of transmigration from Earth, Origin and Lambda, almost putting humanity of each world on the brink of extinction; Izumi, Aran and Endou decided to prepare preparations with the assistance of other Gods to betray Rodcorte.[3]

Powers and Abilities

His cheat-like ability is Calculation, which gave him computational power on the level of a supercomputer, or perhaps even greater. As long as he had enough information, he could even predict the future to a certain extent.

However ff he didn’t have enough information, super-advanced calculations such as predicting the future was impossible. Also, these calculations were only calculations, nothing more. They were vulnerable to errors due to unexpected and unknown situations.

Although he has a powerful ability, he has little in the way of strength in combat. He does have a considerable talent in magic, and he did receive training to some extent. However, he hadn’t fought as combatants on the frontlines like Kanata and Mari.[2]


Shimada Izumi

She is his coworker and a good friend.[1]

Amamiya Hiroto/Vandalieu




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