A young man who was an apprentice priest warrior in the Church of Vida in Talosheim. After dying, he became a Lesser Lich with a mummy-like appearance, being made of only skin and bones. Because of this, he appears to be an elderly person at first glance.

However, back then, he was stronger physically than with magic, and not very much like a Lich.

Though he was not particularly religious in life, he became fanatically so after becoming an Undead upon receiving a prophecy. Through the power of religion, he became one of the key individuals among the Undead Titans.

He believes Vandalieu to be the Prophesized Holy Son and the second coming of the Vampires’ ancestor while making no attempt to certify these facts.

He has become a Rank 5 Lich as a result of Vandalieu’s training, and is continuing to become more and more of a fanatic.

He has become the leader of the Church of Vida in Talosheim. He protested to this, telling Vandalieu that he is not worthy. But Vandalieu’s retort was to say that he wasn’t fit to be king, either, so that ended the argument.

However, since Nuaza has basically been managing the Church on his own, nothing has really changed even after he assumed this position.

He is preaching Vida’s teachings to the new Undead of the expedition army, but there are Living Armors with no physical bodies among them, so he is having a little difficulty in communicating with them.

His race title is Lich, but because he received an Orichalcum mace from Vandalieu and was proficient in hand-to-hand combat to begin with, his magic has completely become something of a trump card at this point.

Because of this, though he has reached level 100, his Rank has not increased for him to become a High Lich.

Perhaps due to this imbalance, his strength in battle seems strangely close to that of a C-class adventurer, but not quite.

  • Rank: 4
  • Race: Lesser Lich
  • Level: 100
  • Passive skills:
  • Dark Vision
  • Superhuman Strength: Level 2
  • Physical Resistance: Level 2
  • Spirit Body: Level 1
  • Mental Corruption: Level 3
  • Augmented Endurance: Level 3
  • Active skills:
  • Life-Attribute Magic: Level 2
  • No-Attribute Magic: Level 2
  • Mana Control: Level 1
  • Staff Technique: Level 3
  • Shield Technique: Level 2
  • Armor Technique: Level 2
  • Masonry: Level 2

Chapter 48:

  • Rank 5
  • Race: Lich