Pauvina is baby born from the Live-Dead who had been reborn as a half-Noble Orc.




She can only remembered that her corpse had been turned into a Live-Dead and that Vandalieu had saved her. The latter could be referred to as Vandalieu using her, but she felt thankful towards him and was emotionally attached to him.

But even after regaining some of her memories, her mental age was still that of a child. Unlike people who had been reincarnated like Vandalieu, she was simply a child who remembered a little about her previous life.

She would develop and become an adult for the second time.

She would grow to be large. At three months of age, her height was almost the same as Vandalieu who was three years old. Even taking into account the fact that Vandalieu had a small build, she was growing incredibly quickly Was this because she had some Noble Orc blood

A half-Noble Orc girl who will turn three years old this year. However, her size has already surpassed the six-year-old Vandalieu by a large margin.

Her Status is more like a human’s, as she has a Job and no Rank. However, she could be considered equivalent to a Beast-person, a race created by Vida.

She gets along well with Rapiéçage and the other children, acting as something of an onee-san to them.

She has been given an iron mace by Vandalieu, so she doesn’t skip her daily training with Club Technique. She is the kind of little girl who beats her enemies to death.

It also seems that she has graduated from throwing Vandalieu into the air.

With her current fighting strength, she would easily defeat an E-class adventurer, and although she wouldn’t lose to a D-class adventurer, it wouldn’t be an easy victory. If she faced a party of D-class adventurers, she would be defeated.



  • Pauvina was the name of a country in Origin that no longer exists.