Schneider, also known as the Thunderclap Schneider, is a Human man, an S-class adventurer and the leader of the adventurer party, Storm of Tyranny. He is also a follower of Vida.




As Schneider[1][2] had a human person’s body, he was unaware of the gods’ circumstances, things like the circle of transmigration systems. But despite being unaware of them, he had always held doubt towards Alda’s teachings since he was a child.

He had never understood why Vida’s races had to be hated so fiercely. After he became an adventurer and encountered members of one of Vida’s races, Lamias, he became certain.

Alda was wrong. or It might have simply been that his late first love was a beautiful Lamia.

Leaving that reason aside, he made contact with the Lamias, and during the time he spent in their village, his belief became firmer.

But thinking that perhaps these Lamia were just special, he made contact with other members of Vida’s races.

And then Schneider chose Vida over Alda.

Schneider. He was without a doubt a human man. He wasn’t a Vampire, an evil god or a member of Vida’s races However he is a follower of Vida.

He hid his true beliefs, trained himself and built his achievements as an adventurer. There was the option of crossing over to the Orbaume Kingdom, where the religion of Vida and the existence of Vida’s races were acknowledged to some extent, but that would have been a foolish move for him.

If he ran to the Orbaume Kingdom, he couldn’t help the members of Vida’s races who were currently suffering in the Amid Empire.

There were things he could only do in the Amid Empire. A single adventurer from a commoner background likely couldn’t achieve much, but even so, he would be satisfied with helping as many as possible.

Before he knew it, he had become an S-class adventurer.







Duke Marme

Marshukzarl von Bellwood



Unique Skill

  • True Warrior’ This Unique Skill, an embodiment of the words, “Your own body is the greatest weapon,” was one of the reasons that Schneider had become known by the Title of ‘Thunderclap.’
  • Normally, no matter how high Level one’s combat-related Skills were, martial skills were impossible to activate without meeting the conditions needed to use them. In other words, if one was not holding a weapon, they wouldn’t be able to use martial skills of any Skill other than Unarmed Fighting Technique.

The conditions were somewhat flexible. Martial skills could be used with a wooden stick in place of a sword, spear or naginata, a stone axe in place of a club or vice-versa, an axe replacing a club… though this would result in a decrease in the power and effects of the martial skills.


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