An earl who served as the Mirg shield-nation’s marshal. He has connections to the faction of Vampires led by the Pure-breed Vampire Gubamon, who worships Hihiryushukaka, the Evil God of Joyful Life.

He is an abundantly talented individual in his mid-thirties. He believes that any methods should be used as long as they produce favorable results. His connection with the Vampires is but one of those methods.

He is resented by Vandalieu as he was indirectly involved in Darcia’s death, but the only information he has on Vandalieu is that he leads several hundred Ghouls and that he can see spirits. For this reason, Palpapek doesn’t see Vandalieu as a particularly great threat.

He is served by a former member of the Five-colored Blades, the Green Wind Spear Riley, who is also Vandalieu’s enemy.

"I am an earl of the Mirg shield-nation with connections to the Vampires. I had naturally expected that there would be other noblemen within the Amid Empire with connections to the same Vampires, but… to think that there would be one with the position of general.”

As a result of Vandalieu’s counterattack, he has been reappointed as marshal. However, rather than this being an achievement, he is now drowning in a whirlpool of work that is enough to make his hairline recede.

Now that only a third of the Mirg shield-nation’s elite forces remain, he must return these to their original force. But before that, he must put the forts along the border on alert status so that the Orbaume Kingdom doesn’t take advantage… He is so busy with work that he doesn’t even have time to plan things.

He made a plan to cast Riley away, but it seems that he is now regretting not simply having him murdered.

He believes that this is all Vandalieu’s conspiracy, but as Vandalieu possesses no information on the political relationships in the Mirg shield-nation and the Empire, everything is simply a coincidence.


The marshal of the Mirg shield-nation, one of the vassal nations of the Amid Empire. At the same time, he made deals with Pure-breed Vampires who worshipped an evil god, plotting for his nation to become independent. He was one of the masterminds behind the incident in which Darcia was killed.

He was a competent individual; after his nation’s military power fell drastically following the failure of the expedition to Talosheim, he worked hard for its restoration and succeeded to some extent.

However, his actions incurred Vandalieu’s wrath. He was aware of this, aware that Vandalieu would one day come to kill him and his work was doing nothing more than creating more materials to be turned into Undead. Mentally, he was driven into a corner.

His ray of hope was when he made contact with Dalton of the Storm of Tyranny and requested for protection. Naturally, he was betrayed and then eaten alive by Pete and Vandalieu’s other insects.