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Vandalieu Praising the Sun
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Vandalieu (ヴァンダルー ()), formerly Amamiya Hiroto (天宮博人 ()) and D-01, is the protagonist of the series.


As Vandalieu, he was born with heterochromatic eyes[2] and skin as pale as candle wax. He has pointed ears which are hidden behind white, shaggy hair.[3] He has a natural poker-face, which makes it difficult to tell where he's looking or what he's thinking, unless one is very familiar with him. He's described as having a flat voice and lifeless eyes.[4]

Vandalieu is constantly mistaken for a girl.[?] And some characters like the titans and ghouls could only figure out he was male due to him being referred to with masculine pronouns like "ore," "bocchan" and "king." Among other things, people can also figure out his gender based on his unfeminine behavior.[5]

Because of his elven heritage, he appears younger than his actual age.[3] When he was 3 years old, his body was too small for any armor, and he would wear clothes made out of leather or fur. He also used his claws as weapons.[2] Currently, he's reaching puberty.[3]

The Demon King’s fragments were growing from his body in a chaotic manner. Horns, carapace, and coagulated masses of blood protruded from his body. His arms were covered in countless suction cups, and he was glowing ominously here and there.[6]

His soul has an element of lovecraftian horror to it, due to the fused souls of the four champions and the evil gods that he has consumed. His companions helped him reconstruct his soul, cleaning up its appearance, though its grotesqueness was still impossible to conceal from up close. It has a hard exoskeleton and carapace, and horns and compound eyes, wings and membranes, which may appear to be armor, decorations and a cape respectively from afar. Multiple limbs are joined together in bundles. The left arm appears to be carrying a shield, but is actually made from a bone that protrudes through his exoskeleton, entwined with his carapace. The clawed right hand appears to be holding a staff that looks like a brain, though upon closer inspection one realizes it's a sphere composed of countless brains with their nerves wrapped around each other, and the shaft is composed of a tongue that extended from that sphere. Its head has numerous eyes, both ordinary and demon eyes, mouths randomly positioned around its head, in addition to hair and horns, and fangs that protrude from its mouth. The inside of its body is visible through gaps in the joints. Occasionally, a strange-colored liquid will drip from its eyeballs. From afar, he may appear like a warrior or mage wearing armor and fur, but upon closer inspection, one would notice that he's far too thin to wear armor. Death-attribute mana constantly emanate from it like pulsating brain waves, and circulates around him like blood.[7]


Vandalieu is described as having a soft personality.[8] "He tends to prioritize his emotions and makes decisions without paying any regard to the benefits or losses to himself."[9]

I want to be happy, build up a warm family and relationships with others and live in luxury.[10]

His dream for the future simply consisted of the common and vague concept of happiness,[11] which to him meant living a life where he could enjoy the "luxuries" he had been deprieved growing up, together with a warm family and rich relationships.[10] Without it, he sees no real meaning in life, as demonstrated by how he was quite resigned about having died on Earth.[11] As a result of this complex, he began recreating a large variety of products that he considered luxuries, such as food.[!]

It shouldn't be okay to throw away the life of a friend for one's goal[12]

As Amamiya Hiroto on Earth, his strange behavior, which was a side-effect of his uncle's abuse and neglect, prevented him from forming any meaningful relationships[10][13] beyond saving Naruse Narumi.[11] He learnt the hard way that blood relatives aren't always your allies,[14] therefore he treasures the found family and friends he has been blessed with in Lambda.[8]

Because of the several traumas he suffered throughout his three lives, Vandalieu developed a couple of complexes. First, a deep-rooted complex surrounding the concept of "luxuries".[10] This complex urged him to desire whatever was claimed to belong to the wealthy, even if he did not need said thing. Second, a mother complex, where he will feel an intense desire to kill anyone who attack women, because of the trauma caused by Darcia's death.[9]

These traumas have also thoroughly affected Vandalieu's mind, as reflected in the skill Mental Corruption, which eventually evolved into the unique skill Grotesque Mind. He no longer feels a shred of guilt or doubt when first taking somebody's life, however, he does not particularly enjoy murder either. Instead, he resolves grudges and resentment in a way that satisfies him.[9]

As a child, he has shown no interest in dating.[9]

He was not aware of his lack of presence until Kasim pointed it out.[5]

Vandalieu held deep admiration for muscles. For example he has complimented Tarea on her upper body muscles,[?] and felt an unstoppable envy for Kasim's growing body.[15]

While he is very tolerant and patient, despite being clinically and legally insane, there are certain things that are all but guaranteed to send him into a murderous rage.

  • Do not threaten to harm his friends, family, and loved ones, actually harm them, or for the love or whatever god(s) you believe in, kill them, especially Darcia. If you do, Vandalieu considers simply killing you and letting your soul wind up in a circle of reincarnation a mercy. Far, far more often, he will shove your misbegotten soul into an automaton to toil away mindlessly, or otherwise lose all agency, provided he doesn't just destroy your soul outright. Exceptionally rare indeed is a culprit who is given the chance to turn over a new leaf, and they have to go to extreme lengths to make him believe they won't do it again.
  • Due to the abuse he suffered under his evil aunt, evil uncle, and those depraved "researchers" in Origin, he responds very, very poorly to people yelling at him or lecturing him purely for self-righteous smugness and self-perceived superiority. People who refuse to stop doing it when given fair warning or he outright ignores them, as he's dealing with a more pressing problem, will find themselves on the receiving end of a beatdown so brutal, they wish for death, and are denied, all hope of escape, surrender, or survival lost.
  • People who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and try to shift the blame are all but certain to find themselves being the target of soul-destroying attacks, even if he agrees that they have not violated their moral compass or the tenets they grew up under.
  • Misreading his inability to emote as being utterly emotionless, especially when he's actually enraged, will send him into a fit where he loses all control of his actions and will make him try and kill who ever made such a mistake, as Edgar learned the hard way in chapter 200 when he sarcastically remarked "you sure are calm about this" to Van condemning Heinz and party for their lack luster self-proclaimed atonement, and how they are actually killing the races they claim to champion.


Amamiya Hiroto was orphaned at a young age, and taken into the custody of his uncle, who abused and neglected him.[11] After saving up enough money to join his classmates on perhaps his first ever school trip, the ferry they rode sunk in a terrorist attack.[10] However, the god of reincarnation brings them into his sanctuary, where he offers to reincarnate them with their memories intact and with cheat-like gifts. As nobody notices Hiroto sitting in the corner, he is the last to be reborn. And because his gifts were accidentally given to Amemiya Hiroto instead, there's no more gifts left to grant. Thus he is reborn with even less fortunate than before.[11]

In Origin, he is born as the son of a prostitute in a military nation and is sold to a illicit research institute, where he is subjected to inhumane experiments and body reconstructions. The researchers initially puzzled at the contradiction subject D-01, Hiroto, represented, they finally make a new discovery which would lead their world into the future: the death-attribute. Fearing that Hiroto's growing power could lead to insubordination, the researchers disconnects his mind from his body, turning him into a living puppet they can exploit.[11] After new researchers kill him in a series of reckless experiments ten years later, he zombifies his body and goes on a rampage through the facility, freeing his fellow victims.[16] He is eventually put down by a group of his fellow reincarnators, who unfortunately did not recognize him, due to the changes to his body.[11]

Returning to the divine realm, Rodcorte curses him to prevent him from killing the other reincarnators in the future, as Hiroto is reincarnated in Lambda. There he is born in hiding as a dhampir, and resolves to live happily with his new loving mother.[17][18]


End of Volume 3

End of Volume 4

  • If being careful not to stand out = C Class Adventurer
  • If he uses all of his skills = A Class Adventurer
  • If he uses Demon King Fragments = S Class Adventurer

End of Volume 7

  • If he doesn’t use his special Skills or the Demon King’s fragments = Between B and A Class Adventurers
  • Dark King Magic spells = S Class Adventures


The only "blessing" Vandalieu received from Rodcorte was an enormous mana pool, and memories of his previous life, which allowed him to utilize his mana and skills as an infant. Instead, Rodcorte placed three curses on Vandalieu, which limits his growth and potential.[11] However, Vandalieu has found loopholes, such as gaining experience points through his companions[19] (and later worshippers).[?]

Experience gained in previous life not carried over
Cannot learn existing jobs
Unable to gain experience independently
Fighting abilities using the Adventurers' Guild system
Volume 3 Character Summary
Physical abilities: D-class adventurer.
Using only no-attribute magic: C-class adventurer.
Using death-attribute magic: B-class adventurer.
Leading his undeads and speading disease: S-class adventurer.
Volume 4 Character Summary
Fighting while being careful not to stand out to others: in the lower to middle area of C-class adventurers.
Using Insect Binding Technique, Plant Binding Technique, his tongue and threads, Dead Spirit Magic and revealing how much of a ‘Monstrosity’ he is: between the upper area of A-class to S-class adventurers.
Using the Demon King’s fragments and fighting without holding anything back: as a former S-class adventurer.

Vandalieu is able to multiply his heads and arms[20] to complete office work more quickly.[21]

Vandalieu has incredible foresight, shown when he was able to predict incoming danger during the fight with the dragon golem.[22]

In the battle against the Mirg shield-nation during the Second Talosheim Expedition, Vandalieu has demonstrated his ability to create diseases that can be transmitted through the air, mucous membranes and blood. These diseases has a mortality rate of less than 10%, and causes the following symptoms for half a day:[23]

  • Violent nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Stomach pain
  • Joint pain
  • High mutability capacity
Skills shown throughout the novel
Chapter Skill Type
Chapter 70 Sharp Tongue Martial Skill
Chapter 70 Heavy Fist Martial Skill
Chapter 80 Embrace of the Flame Spirits Spell
Chapter 80 Burning Funeral Spell
Chapter 84 Corpse Flame Prison Destruction Barrage Spell
Chapter 91 Black Flame Spear Spell
Chapter 92 Iron Rend Martial Skill
Chapter 115 Ice Blood Death Water Spell
Bone Flame Jailing Destruction Bullet
Death Ice Bullet
Chapter 116 Death Water Slice Spell
Dark Lightning


Vandalieu possess several titles, obtained through various means; Some by coincidence, some directly given by enemies or allies, and others through his own personal accomplishments.

Titles obtained throughout the novel
Title Obtained by
Ghoul KingGhoul Emperor Allies
Eclipse KingEclipse Emperor Allies
Scaled KingScaled Emperor Allies
Tentacle KingTentacle Emperor Allies
Oni Emperor Allies
Elder Dragon Emperor Allies
Champion Allies
Violator Allies
Taboo NameMonstrositySecond Coming of the Demon KingDemon King Enemies
Guardian of the Cultivation Villages Accomplishment
Holy Son of Vida Accomplishment
Trial Conqueror Accomplishment
Genius Tamer Accomplishment
Food Cart King Accomplishment
True Ruler of the Red-light District Accomplishment
Patron Saint of Transformation Equipment Accomplishment
Black Blood Emperor Other


  • Vandalieu's name is a combination of the first of his father's name (ヴァレン), and the first two syllables of his mother's name (ダルシア). Thus his name is Vandalieu (ヴァンダルー).[?]
    • Had he been born a girl, his name would have been Varcia.[?]
  • His father on Earth was reborn as a single mother of two, managing a restaurant in France, while his mother was reborn as a pet tortoise.[24]
  • Although Vandalieu doesn't feel like the father of all the children born in Talosheim after the migration from Mirg Shield-Nation, they perceive him as both a father and the strangest being they know.[25]
  • Vandalieu's claws started growing at 3 months, but Darcia didn't need to trim them, because "he was already smart at that time".[26]
  • Vandalieu has a fine appreciation of people with muscles and one day hopes to become more muscular as he sees it as a symbol of physical power. He has a complex about his short height and lack of muscles as a child. He shows this complex whenever he sees someone muscular by making them pose for him.[?]
  • He prefers ketchup over mayonnaise.[21]
  • Just the thought of forgiving Gordan and Riley souls made him raise his Status Effect Resistance Skill.[27]
  • Vandalieu´s candidates for future partners have a pattern of a mistake on Vandalieu's part, where they accidentally become his fiancé. He has a few candidates that just want to have a kid with him. They don’t belong to the same category as his "pattern continues". It´s most likely he’ll end up with a large family.[?]
  • Vandalieu as a Dhampir is almost nothing like an individual of his species, he shares the physical traits and abilities typical to the species. As most do not make it to adulthood it is unknown how strong they can become; but in Vandalieu's case, his abilities are abnormal.[?]
  • He was shocked upon learning that ten-year-old children were still not yet considered teenagers (In Japanese, ages are usually grouped in groups of 10 years – 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, etc. It is apparently surprising to Vandalieu that the English word “teenager” does not correspond exactly to the 10-19 category.)[?]
  • Despite the fact that Van is a part of Vida Faction some Evil Gods fear him.[?]
  • Vandalieu is actually made from a combination of the souls of four champions: Zakkart, Ark, Solder and Hillwillow. Vida divulged this information with him, when he visited her grounds. Despite this, he does not possess their memories nor powers.
    • After conquering the Trial of Zakkart, Vandalieu inherited the name Zakkart. After releasing the seal of Botin and dialoguing with Peria, Vandalieu is renamed Vandalieu Zakkart Ark Solder Hillwillow.[?]
  • After his intrusion into Origin, the new president of the United States declared (a faithful follower of his) and the remnants of the Eighth Orientation the God they saw in their dreams and because of this an extension of Vandalieu becomes part of the Gods of Origin. also due to the work of Demigod Vandalieu he can see everything that the Gods of Origin observe and dialogue with them.[?]
  • He is currently engaged in a Holy War against the Amid Empire where he is having the upper hand.[?]
  • Vandalieu appears as a playable character in the game, Yurudrasil Saga Forest, during a collab event.
  • Vandalieu is named Vandal in the official English translation by One Peace Books.[28] However, the name Vandalieu appears to be more accurate considering the long vowel sound at the end of his name: ヴァンダルー (Vandarū).


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