According to Mirg Legend, the God of War and Fire Zantark, and the Goddess of Earth and Craftsmanship Botin, gave birth to the Dwarf race. Zantark had fought bravely along the other Gods, Marduke and Zeno, against the Demon King, until the tides finally began to turn upon the summoning of the Champions. Within this legend, at the end of the battle between the forces of the Demon King and the denizens of Lambda, the war-god Zantark was cursed by the evil gods and fell into darkness.[?]

However, in the conflict between Vida and Alda, Zantark had fused with evil gods and participated in the battle, standing on the side of Vida against Farmaun Gold, the champion that he had chosen himself. But this knowledge hadn’t remained in the legends and myths of human society. It was a piece of historical truth that only few like Schneider and his comrades had knowledge of.

In recent times he has begun to stir once more. A hundred years ago when the great god who had been devoting all of his efforts to recovering from his wounds after the battle between Vida and Alda, the fallen war-god Zantark who had fused with an evil god, made a sudden move.

In order to regain his power Zantark issued a great command to his subordinates, setting them on a large-scale monster hunt on the Dark Continent. Ravovifard, the Evil God of Release, had gathered plenty of fighting forces as well, and he had even planned to take Zantark’s realm from him, but was attacked first. The evil gods who had become Ravovifard’s subordinates were killed by Zantark and the heroic god Farmaun Gold who had returned to his side, and the monsters that were his believers were turned into Experience Points one after another.

In recent times, the S-rank Adventurer Schneider and his comrades have set sail for the Dark Continent under the direction of Ricklent in order to make contact with Zantark.